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Ashlee's testimonial after taking the Z Pro Prep® cheer/dance clinic and becominga pro NFL Cheerlader

    Wow where do I start? I have come such a long way as a dancer. For a long time I lacked confidence in myself. When I was about 3 years old my mother was on the inaugural team of the Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders. So I had doubts that I was going to be as good as she was. I started auditioning for the Atlanta falcons cheerleaders as well as going to their workshops my freshman year of college in the spring of 2015, just to see how far I could get and to see what I needed to work on so that my senior year of college I would be ready and know what to expect for the audition process. Surprisingly I made it to the 2nd round on my first time auditioning. My sophomore year I auditioned again but I still didn’t get past the second round. I was confused because I thought I would at least make it to finals. Day by day I would look at different performances on YouTube from the Atlanta Falcons cheerleaders to see what exactly I was lacking in the audition.


       I decided my junior year I wouldn’t audition but instead start the process of training. I attended a lot of workshops, and I even attended the All pro convention, so that I could get used to learning from different choreographers and how their styles differ. I felt like that helped, however something told me that “you are still not their” and I still needed a little bit more push. I searched for different workshops and training programs on Instagram and I came across Z Pro Prep®. I noticed that a lot of women trained with her and made a pro team within that year. As a result, I started taking private lessons with Zakiya as well as going to Z Pro Prep®  camps and events. I finally figured out what I was lacking. I had really good technique but my showmanship was very low, because I was so used to the concert style of dance. Zakiya brought that showmanship out of me and I applied it to every routine that was taught in the camps. I even applied showmanship in speaking to people and changed how I walked everyday so it would become a habit. Because I applied the corrections that Zakiya gave me, I got a free pass to go straight to final auditions at one of the Falcons prep clinics. However, I did not get comfortable I still attended Zakiya’s workshops/camps as well as the Falcons prep clinics just to find a way to make myself even better. After all of that hard work and dedication and believing in God, I made the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders!


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