The Top 3 Ways to Get Fully Prepared for Your Pro Team Tryout

Ok…so you’ve done your research, found a “friend”, and saved up a few coins. (If you have absolutely NO IDEA what I’m talking about go back and read part 1. THE TOP 3 WAYS TO BEGIN PREPPING FOR YOUR PRO TEAM AUDITIONS.) Now what? It’s time to get prepped! LET’S GO!



1. GET FIT: I was once asked, “If a woman is an amazing dancer…better than every other woman auditioning, but she’s extremely overweight do you think she would make the team?” Unfortunately, the answer is no. The bottom line is this; physical fitness is an important part of becoming a Pro Cheerleader/Dancer. As we all know being fit/slim/trim/slender (or any other word one might use in a New Year’s Resolutions weight-loss commercial) is the standard of beauty in American culture. This same standard applies to Pro Cheerleaders/Dancers. Luckily, on most teams it isn’t a 1 size fits all recipe. Sports organizations who understand health and fitness now know that it’s not a magic number that’s important, but rather how you look in your uniform. Body fat percentage is a much better indicator of overall health as opposed to actual weight. 135lbs of muscle and 135lbs of fat look drastically different from one another. The great news is that in most cases fitness is something that we can work on! Many women who have attended Z Pro Prep intensive camps (and are now having wonderful careers as Professionals) have seen considerable changes in their fitness levels through our physically demanding boot camps and a few lifestyle changes.

2. Decide On An Image: Red lips or pink lips, halter top or one shoulder strap, tights or no tights?!?! (Well tights aren’t really negotiable….wear tights with your audition outfit. We wouldn’t want anything to be peek-a-booing that shouldn’t be! And not control top tights with the lines on the legs. In a regular knee length skirt the line doesn’t show, but in briefs the line absolutely shows!) Since you’ve done your research (if you haven’t go back to Part 1), then you know the overall feel of the team. Some teams highlight sex appeal while others focus on a girl next door type of beauty. Even on teams that have a variety of different styles there is still an underlying theme if you dig a bit deeper. Look at pictures, calendars, videos of the ladies performing; whatever you can get your hands on! Once you’ve figured this out choose audition attire that flatters your body. If you have a short torso you may want to wear shorts or briefs that have a V in the front to elongate your torso. Or maybe you want to appear a bit more voluptuous in the chest area; grab a halter top, an amazing pushup bra, and some chicken cutlets. Either way…get your image together!

3. Take a prep clinic: Finding a Prep Clinic that can develop you into a Professional Cheerleader/Dance is the MOST important thing that you can do! A good clinic will give you exactly what you need to make the of your choice! At the Z Pro Prep clinics you get everything you need to make a Pro Team. The Z Pro Prep coaches are former NFL/NBA cheerleaders and dancers, and you’re trained in dance technique, showmanship, freestyle technique, interview/public speaking skills, hair, make-up, fitness…everything that you need to make a pro team! In order to become a pro you must train with the pros!

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