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The Top 3 Ways to BEGIN Preparing for Your Pro Cheerleading Team Auditions

Beautiful faces, fit bodies, strong technique, synchronization with a touch of individuality, positivity on the field (or court, or ice, or diamond), with the fans, during appearances, while you’re sleeping...let’s just say always.

ARE YOU READY? Probably not.

Being a professional cheerleader or dancer can be a very rewarding experience if you have the right mindset and work for the right organization. Becoming a professional cheerleader or dancer takes focus, commitment, and a willingness to learn. Pay attention, because throughout this TOP 3 series I’ll take you through exactly what it takes to attain your goals of becoming a PRO CHEERLEADER OR DANCER!!! I’m going to be short, sweet (sometimes), and to the point. Let’s go!



1. RESEARCH: Know what sports teams are in your area and what the criteria is for their auditions. Is the age requirement 18, 21, or something else? Some teams have no age limit! You know what that means…granny, dust off your ankle length skirt and high kicks, we’re headed to Houston! Seriously, if you’re auditioning in your mid-to-late 30s or 40s, research to see which teams have previously accepted ladies who are in your age range. One of the most frequently asked questions I get is, “Am I too old?” Heck no! If you look good, perform well, and have what the team is looking for you’ve got a great chance to make it! Side note: if the judges know that you’re older I’d suggest you perform full out and never let them see you huffing and puffing after learning choreography or working out. Another important part of researching is knowing the team’s style? The Chicago Luvabulls dance style is different from the Miami Heat Dancers, and the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders perform differently than the Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders. Does your desired team dance sharp, smooth, or both? Are they more conservative in their attire or not so much? Know what you’re walking into. If you’re willing to relocate, that creates even more options for finding the right fit for you!

2. FIND A “FRIEND”: Many times, women don’t want to disclose to anyone that they’re auditioning to be a cheerleader or dancer, be it due to lack of support, doubt amongst their friends and family, or just plain old negativity. Whatever the reason, fine: you don’t have to share your dreams and goals with everyone. Actually, from my personal experience, I would advise you not to. However, you do need someone to be your friend during this process. Think of them as your own personal cheerleader! Maybe you can look to your mom or dad, spouse, or even a co-worker. Whether or not this friend is someone that is also auditioning depends on you. During private training I find that if I’m coaching 2 ladies who are friends and they’re competing in an unhealthy way it’s best to give each other a little space while prepping. Now before you go labeling people as “hating on you” and “trying to stop your shine”, know that usually that’s a sign that both of you have s deep desire to make the team!

3. SAVE UP: Things such as prep/dance classes, hair, make-up, and audition attire do cost money. You shouldn’t break the bank, however you must invest in yourself. When you walk into your pro team tryout, show the judges that you’ve invested in yourself and that they can feel comfortable in investing in you! Warning: before spending your hard-earned money do some investigating. Make sure that you’re dealing with individuals who have a track record of proven results! Take classes with people who have successfully trained women to become professional cheerleaders/dancers such as Z Pro Prep, find a stylist who can show you how to maintain sexy hair for hours, and get your audition attire from a company that specializes in the pro team look (which is very different from the college dance team look).

Although these first few steps may seem simple they are important and foundational. At the Z Pro Prep Cheer/Dance clinics, we make it a point to begin with a strong foundation and build until we reach your goal of having a successful pro team tryout!

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